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Seniors are Mourning their Missed Milestones

The switch from in-person learning to “Zoom school” has been extremely difficult for many kids. The change has affected students of all ages, but it has had a major impact on high school and college seniors. Dr. Ludmila De Faria, a psychiatrist with Florida State University, says seniors are “mourning the loss of important developmental milestones they were supposed to be doing at this time in their lives” (NPR).

Students are Losing the Passion and Motivation for Virtual Learning

Many students who were passionate about learning and planning for their futures are struggling to find the motivation for online school and are falling behind. Many students are falling behind in online learning. Reasons can be that the curriculum is either too easy and they lose the motivation or the curriculum does not fit their needs. Students struggle to keep up, or they do not have enough support at home and are unable to handle the independent learning style on their own.

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