Take Care of Your Mental Health During the School Year


While going back to school is exciting, it can also be very stressful for many students. There is a lot of pressure about making new friends, keeping up with the new trends, doing well in school, sports, and other activities. For many kids who do not know how to express their feelings, this can often present as not wanting to go to school. Here are some signs that your child may be feeling stressed or anxious:

  1. Your child does not want to go to school –
    • While a child not wanting to go to school is not unusual, if they are consistently having meltdowns, refusing to get dressed, get on the bus or in the car, there may be a bigger problem.
  2. Your child refuses to do schoolwork –
    • Similarly, refusing to do schoolwork could be a sign of a bigger issue. It shows that your child is disconnected from school and does not care how he or she does.
  3. Your child asks to come home in the middle of the day –
    • If your child is calling because they want to come home in the middle of the day even though they are not sick, they may be getting bullied or anxious for some other reason.
  4. Your child skips class –
    • If a child is skipping a class, they could be anxious about something in the class. It could be the subject, teacher, or another student.
  5. Your child makes up “what if” scenarios –
    • Making up “what if” scenarios is often associated with anxiety. Children who are already anxious about school could make themselves even more anxious with “what if” scenarios.

If your child is experiencing mental health issues regarding school, it is important to first identify the problem. Once the problem has been identified, you can help your child learn coping skills and reach out for further help if necessary.

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