Mental Health in the Workplace


Employers should not only promote mental health in the workplace, as it is a great opportunity to help employees but because poor mental health in employees can negatively affect a business. It has been reported that in the United States, 1 in 5 adults struggle with mental health which can lead to less productivity, disengagement at work, decreased communication with coworkers, and lower daily functioning. Here are ten things that companies can do to promote awareness about the importance of mental health:

  1. Offer self-assessment tools
    • One easy thing a company can do is make free mental health self-assessment tools available to employees. This can be easily done with online resources.
  2. Offer clinical screenings from professionals
    • Companies can offer free or subsidized clinical mental health screenings from mental health professionals. Not only can professionals identify a mental illness, but they can also provide a clinical referral when necessary.
  3. Offer affordable health insurance
    • Many people do not seek mental health assistance because they cannot afford it. Companies should offer insurance with low or no out-of-pocket costs for mental health counseling or medications.
  4. Provide lifestyle coaching
    • Providing free or subsidized lifestyle coaching or counseling can help make an employee’s desires a reality, improve their mental health, and help them overcome daily obstacles.
  5. Distribute educational materials about mental health
    • There is a large misunderstanding and stigma surrounding mental health. Providing education materials will help employees understand it better, see it in a positive light, and be more likely to seek help.
  6. Host seminars to address mental health
    • Companies can host seminars or workshops that teach stress management techniques such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, and meditation.
  7. Have a dedicated quiet space
    • Having a dedicated quiet space at your business is a great idea so employees can go to a place to decompress if they are feeling stressed or anxious.
  8. Provide managers training to help recognize mental illness
    • Providing managers with training to help recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness can not only help them recognize when an employee is struggling but also know how to encourage them to seek help.
  9. Give employees a voice
    • It is no secret that jobs can be stressful. Getting an employee’s input about stress factors or upcoming changes can help eliminate some of that stress.
  10. Create an environment for open communication
    • Having an environment with open communication where employees feel safe can not only eliminate some workplace stress, it can also help them feel more open to seeking help.


Mental Health in the Workplace

Supporting Mental Health in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

This article has been professionally peer reviewed by Director of Cornerstone Consultants, Dr. Amy Trout, and founding advisory committee member for the Uyeno Foundation. You can learn more about Dr. Trout’s work and expertise by visiting

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